Friday, 11 March 2011

No Brass Band In Bexhill So Join Our Ace Concert Band Instead! Cooden Beach Wind Orchestra Welcomes You!

Sad but true! Bexhill-on-Sea boasting a proud seafront bandstand has no brass band! However, this need not deter brass players as our trombone, trumpet, cornet, tuba and horn players will agree - if you play a brass musical instrument or a woodwind instrument join our Thursday evening rehearsals from 8.30pm in the Cooden Beach Tennis Club main hall on Withyham Road very near the rail station at Cooden Beach, Bexhill-on-Sea.

We are the Wacky Band - Cooden Supper Band (Wind Orchestra) 30 strong (hire our 10 piece group or 15-20-30 players depending on your event) and we play a wide variety of music from pop to military to songs from the shows to jazz bigband swing to film themes. Never a dull moment! Flutes, clarinets, saxes and drums complete the ensemble to form an impressive big sound! If you looking to play exciting music in cool arrangements and you'd like the occasional solo - or maybe you'd prefer to just fit inside the ensemble sound - join us on Thursdays! Feel free to just turn up - we'll provide all your sheet music and introduce you to your music section!

Friendly and fun music practice night with the Cooden Beach Wind Orchestra - a concert band with style!

Bexhill may lack a brass band but we fill the musical gap with our wind orchestra concert band so boogie on down to the tennis club - drinks bar social afterwards. All welcome - don't be shy - we have music for you :)

Look out for us in the Bexhill on Sea Summer Music Festival June 2011 - we'll be playing at the De La Warr Pavillion - take a stroll along the promenade and hear the great bigband swing jazz sounds of CBWO. All the fun of the traditional English seaside - who's for ice cream?

NB: There is a super brass ensemble in Sidley! We recommend you play for CBWO, however ;)


  1. There is an exciting concert I'd love to highlight forthcoming Sat 18th June 7.30pm in Christchurch Methodist Church Bexhill - it's the National Methodist Brass Band and I'm sure it will be fantastic! See

    Can someone check out details at the church so we could book in advance? Where is the church? I want to attend!

    Are you playing your scale of the day??? ;)

  2. Brilliant Sax Day in Battle on Saturday! I enjoyed every crumb - chips, cheese, biscuits, cake - really remarkable and I can't wait to the next! Hope all who attended enjoyed themselves!

    How about we organize an Improvisation workshop later this year at the Tennis Club? Based on pentatonic scales. That would be cool!

  3. Hi, I'm director of music at Bexhill High and I met a lot of you at DLWP last August. I'm wondering if some of you might be interested in taking part in this event on 11th June at Bexhill High theatre? We've got a really great ensemble booked and the afternoon workshop should be great fun! Please let me know if you'd like to book a number or places and I'm sure we could work out a group discount!
    Best wishes

    Katy de Braux (

  4. Hi Katy! Sounds great - I'll email you and pass the word around at our next band practice this week! Send some players our way ;) Extra piccolo, flute, oboe, bassoon, trombone, euphonium & french horn wanted - other players can also be accomodated. Many thanks! Lou

  5. Lunch delivered free to your work place in Bexhill and Rye!